Find peace of mind in a clean house

We believe that quality goes beyond getting the job done well. That's why we use only healthy products that we would use in our own homes with children. You don't have to worry about toxic or abrasive chemicals with us!

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Setting the Cleanliness Standard

Forget about the hassle

We believe in having a reputation as spotless as we make our clients' homes.

Save time & effort

Cleaning can be exhausting! Sit back and relax, knowing our experienced cleaners will take care of your home.

Professional & Friendly

We understand each client is different and some may like to have a conversation during a visit.

Natural Products

We believe in using natural, non-hazardous products. This may take a bit more "elbow grease", but it is worth it!

Clean Floors

Floors so clean "you could eat off of them"

Picture Proof

We can restore your home to how it looks in a picture and send a picture after the job is done by request.

Phone Support

Got a problem? We're available to assist.

Easy Scheduling

We work with your schedule, even if you need us to start early in the morning!


All of our maids are vetted thoroughly - we even run background checks in home countries


Maya Smith

12 minutes ago

Oh I forgot to tell her! I've updated the lock code to 7171


Magic Maids HQ

8 minutes ago

Thanks! We'll send Melissa the new code.


Maya Smith

6 minutes ago

Melissa is wonderful 😊 tell her thanks for me please

Active Conversations

Use messaging to keep up with your scheduled cleaning

We believe communication is vital to operating successfully. Being on the same page helps us both!

Learn more about our service

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